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SOZO, The Coffeeberry Company, offers an exclusive line of nutritional products produced by a patented process that renders an amazing extract from the whole coffee fruit. Food scientists now have learned that a single gram of CoffeeBerry has as much antioxidant capacity as 625 grams of blueberries! SOZO is not just for the coffee fans though; fruit and veggie fans will love the nutritional beverage that offers the antioxidant capacity of 21 servings of fruits and vegetables. SOZO offers products to neutralize free radicals responsible for aging, promotes healthy cardiovascular function, supports a healthy metabolism, and counteracts the negative effects of stress. Dr. Voytik enjoys 3 ounces of the nutritional beverage every morning and believes in the impact of these products!

To order SOZO visit www.sozolife.com/garyvoytik



advocare products SPARK

Advocare focuses on health and wellness, and offers leading products in weight loss, energy, and sports performance. Many athletes are using and endorsing Advocare because their products offer them the opportunity to enhance their natural performance abilities. The well-known “24 Day Challenge” is a popular weight loss product that facilitates healthy weight loss. One of Advocare’s most widely known energy products, Spark, is great for people in all walks of life. The Voytik Center staffers are big fans of the energy and motivation that Spark provides!

To order Advocare visit www.advocare.com/1010958

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